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Feb 25th 2009

14. Stress and the creation of oil

Broadcast to my radio is a program which concerns it self with science and technology. Recently on this programme, the host spoke of research into the production of petrochemicals from algae. Mentioned, was that to increase the yield of oil it was necessary to stress the algae. I looked down at my belly and experienced a loop of concern.

Am I being stressed out to fuel machinery of the future!?

Oil must be energy stored for future conflicts out of a present fear.

I need to relax.

Feb 24th 2009


The couple in front of me are wearing the same colours, but in different places. Her shoes are a rich, loam black, his, a crayola brown, both shoes have prominent stitches of a light hue. Black socks are united, but his pants are the colour of sand in a magazine printed in 1973, and her slacks are black. Under his vest is a black sweater and she has a sandy vertical pin striped top. His vest is a matte black nylon with a velcro fastener on the wrists. Her vest is missing its sleeves making it more of a vest than his jacket.

While he is reading his eyebrows are up and while she is working on her puzzles, her brow is furrowed. Both of their books are open to the end pages. Lenses hang before their eyes, hers held in black plastic, his chrome wire.

Now their legs are both crossed, left over right.

Feb 22th 2009

This guy has a funny lisp and dresses like a bum

Which is strange considering what his subject. I prescribe some light acting lessons and a trip to the tailors. I won't even get into the implications of have a chunk of a geodesic dome in the background. Anyway, I appreciate the positive outlook he promotes while not quite embodying and new knowledge presented.(Hint: It implies amputation and destruction.)


Apt discussion

Yes, why can't we all get along?

Feb 15th 2009

There have been a number of news stories that have pushed me towards reading this book

Image of Homer's the Odyssey It has to do with sirens and violence.

Feb 13th 2009

I have been taking it for a week

FDA Approves Depressant Drug For The Annoyingly Cheerful

Music Go Music sings "Warm in the Shadows"

My Burden

Once Again 'Making it look easy' mistaken as sloth



Feb 12th 2009

Gif Bin - Near-death experience

Feb 9th 2009


Feb 7th 2009

For your amusement

Married To The Sea

Feb 4th 2009

Quik Van

Feb 1st 2009


Jan 31st 2009

I see

Jan 29th 2009

Symmetrical Alphabet

Since the invention of glass and the pandemic of literacy on the population, many in our number has suffered from looking out of windows and doors with words going in the wrong direction. This horror is compounded by the fact that in all of these cases those suffering must also endure backwards letters. Well no longer! I have created these symmetrical letters to assuage our misery and give us a small comfort. Also if written vertically, which may look nice in a door, they will read properly for everyone.

blah symetical-alphabet
Jan 25th 2009

In the Morning

Jan 19th 2009


Jan 16th 2009

The Tragic Loss of a Scarf in 4 Parts

1. Bestows

Stage dark, slowly lit from below
two men standing facing each other, centre stage.

I have for you, the finest cashmere, to warm your neck!

Piano plays a short solo melody. Curtains close

2. The Wearing

Sound of a heavy wind,
lights glow, revealing piles of snow
one man shovelling, he is wearing a scarf and looks content
This snow, oh, before used to freeze my parts, as my coefficient of insulation would drop as lawn darts
condensation form from my exhale would collect in a web of icy chainmaille
this scarf with prop’ties so vast, giving protection as does a cast
heat; arrested, balanced warmth
the savoury nectar of comfort
this snow is as a test
of the greatest of ease
as I stand here and tis snow I cleave.
The stage dims
The sound of the wind fades. Curtains close

3. Tragedy

Aboard the Spirit of British Columbia in the Pacific Buffet
a woman and a man enter, they are shapeless in their winter garb.
There are two tables; one in the centre, the other, with a man already seated at it. They begin to remove their frocks piling them on 2 of the 4 chairs at that table. Joyful piano begins
He — I am so excited to dine in this setting…
She — I as well as my hunger hath been whetting
He — This grand expanse of food I must say…
Together, arms linked, can only be found at the Pacific Buffet

lights in the back brighter, a row of 4 sailors repeat

at the Pacific Buffet!
Sailors fall back into darkness.
Stage dims, spotlight falls on the man, stands and faces the audience.
This is when, painfully, fortune looked away.
For it is this place where my scarf has been forced to stay,
filled with food and glee, my dear scarf has been taken from me.
One of the chair fall, the music stops.
A cat holding a red flag, with the word Suspicion written on it crosses the stage. Spotlight turns red.
was it the man who was laughing to himself?
or was it a staffer who perpetrated this theft?
haunted by these questions
tormented by indigestions
How will I get my scarf back?
How will my bare nape endure this lack?
Lights dim. Curtains close

4. The Lamentations

Touch tone beeps.
Man in a room, empty but for a small table with an over-sized phone on it, his neck suspended in a block of ice, icicles of tears trail back to his eyes
Hello have you seen my scarf? I have looked for it everywhere?
I have lost it on the Pacific Buffet, How many times must I say?
Do you not care, I have looked for it, everywhere!
Fades to black, the sounds of sobbing. Curtains close
Jan 15th 2009

Now in Nerdy News

Ubiquity for Firefox from Aza Raskin on Vimeo.

Also, I am going to watch Star Wars tonight, for some reason I have never watched the Return of the Jedi.

Jan 12th 2009

Listing Badly

There have been a number of developments in my list of things to do. I understand that when I am able to articulate a desired activity in a single line of text that it is usually a description of something I will not need to do, want to do or I have removed an invisible handle from the listed, that things I accomplish have. Therefore my list grows long and plentiful like hair and the actions required to trim this mass remains still.

Today I confirmed that I can post my crates around the world with stamps, removed some applications from my Applications folder, exclaimed out loud, "What's up with Picasa [for the mac]!", chatted about a I Love +levetica t-shirt with it’s wearer [who seemed irritated with my views and expounds], washed the glasses, packed away the food delivery, sat on the bike that does not move, cooked dinner, called the company I used to work for, removed sold items from my craigslist account, sat in the nice coffee shop with a coffee and trimmed my beard.

Jan 8th 2009

Spinning the arm, at the shoulder, finger, pointing. The eye, a ball, set in a socket, like a hip, legs onto the world. It collects the world onto a pan, and cooking this present world for our mind, nourishing memories and dreams.

Food and Drink
Jan 4th 2009

Frosty Fairs

This is a day of dry cold, as the world on the other side of the glass is a frosty fridge. I lost 2 things on the first day of the year. One was brought back into my fold with the expenditure of significant effort and the other continues to float from my grasp. There is a number for me to call. Outside my neighbours have been collecting and packing glass bottles for hours. The bottles are crashing and tolling against each other, tiny bells declaring to all, that they enjoy drink and recycle too.

I have giving my little, collapsing computer a new brain, and am feeling optimistic in a spiky, generalised way about this new slice of duration before me.

Jan 3rd 2009


No, nuttin', just waiting
Jan 2nd 2009

My Holly Daze Message to You

You are  Winner!
Dec 26th 2008

Cindy Eats Oatmeal

Dec 17th 2008
There are things we know and there is being able to tell someone else
Dec 16th 2008
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