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April 5th 2009


Two months ago I was on a boat as it churned towards a fog bank, high like cliffs seen in photos, I made a deposit of my visibility and withdrawal a sensation of formlessness.

Last night as I was watching a movie on my computer I wrote the following words on a nearby slip of paper. Conflation, misdirection and false binaries. I think these words describe romantic devices used in mystery stories to keep the plot moving. They are often visible in television news and newspapers as they try and create interest out of the mundane mud of everyday life.

April 4th 2009

Perpendicular Felines

Cats behing Glass

April 3rd 2009

Three Fingers my Friends / Três dedos meus amigos

Today I have on offer, a trio of links to other web sights. A writer, who is in my RSS feed has written about comments on web sites. I think his views are interesting and maybe in a sort of way, reflect my own. Leave your views in the Comments tab.

I have been spending a puffy cloud of time autodidacting internet technologies for a new project. This project is currently bubbling out of the ground, has lead me to scruffier parts of the internet, turning my attention into a gill net on these and related subjects. Soon I must focus this attention into a fishing rod of knowledge collection.

The final link is a frivolous gallery of files used for changing the appearance of a the part of the part of an operating system that controls the appearance on my tiny computer.

Comments - Reusable Solutions to Common Productivity Problems - 30 Gnome themes to enhance your Ubuntu experience

April 2nd 2009

Open Letter to 3 Local Television Broadcasters

I have rabbit ears on my TV but I cannot pick up your channel. I live on Fairfield and Cook and would love to watch some shows. So far all I get is JOYTV which has uninteresting programs. Do you have any hints for getting your station on my TV?

I won't be getting cable and don't want to spend any money on antenna's. Since JoyTV does come in I am confidant that all of my equipment is working.

Thanks in advance!

March 29th 2009

That is not a number

March 26th 2009

Book Sale

I have a number of books to sell and I want you, my readers and viewers, watchers and lookers to buy them. No offer will go unconsidered. Leave messages in the millions of ways in which I can be reached, ask questions of the tombs below. Just know that 30 days after this is posted this books will be out of my grasp in a world I cannot imagine as I will have nothing to do with it. Top price is $5CDN, most for less. I will accept jokes, cardboard boxes and meals as payment.

book sale

March 21st 2009

1 day 2 fucktards

March 20th 2009


March 12th 2009




A CCD is not film.

I would like to combine my old Single Reflex Lens camera, offered for sale in the year of my birth, with my digital camera. This hopeful merger could be part of larger project of owning fewer things and having everything in my orbit glitter with greatness, purpose and my generalised comfort and familiarity. Both of these devices have great advantages over each other as they are separately. This greatness would be the culmination of the diminution of flaws, without the expenditure of resources I do not have access to.

Cameras are dark boxes which take impressions from the world which falls on their sensitive regions these impressions are saved via a nice, predictable procedure of rolling plastic sheets of photosensitive substrate or digital file harvesting and storage. A digital camera like the one I have, can adjust in ways to "be different kinds of film", and also judge distances, strike a bright light, make a rudimentary moving picture show, and other adjustments. It uses a little battery to do all of this work. The digital crop I reap is a good one, getting those files made is a sad show of blobby buttons, limited control over things I care about and a general mushiness. The flexible core of a digital camera is the charge-coupled device (CCD), which unlike the photosensitive crystals floating on the sheet of plastic has limitations in relation to its power draw, design and manufacture, where as film is limited to the quality and quantity of photosensitive materials and of course, the cost in producing images from the film.

The activity of being a camera is what my SLR does best. Adjusting the aperture and focus is the kind of activity I want to be engaged in on a picture making day and it offers these adjustments to me easily. The shutter and film advance are and solid and fast. It is just that film is an expensive, boring pain.

I would like to remove the back of my SLR and lock on the CCD when the film would sit. I would like to freeze much of the CCD's flexibility and treat it like 400 ISO film. Giving the work of the focus and aperture and shutter speed back to the SLR. The CCD can collect the data, managed by the lens, throw it to the XD card and call it a day. The digital camera can loose the following; focus measure device, the flash, and lens and body. That stuff is no good to this picture maker. Pictures to follow of this proposed project.

March 8th 2009


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March 7th 2009

2339 Granville Street, Vancouver BC V6H 3G4 P. 604-730-5000

March 6th 2009

Songs from Mr. Calvert

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Walking down the street, pass someone, exchange glances, are you thinking…

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March 3rd 2009

Super High Tech Jet Fighter

March 1st 2009

Jung Man on Green


Feb 27th 2009
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