The Joy Web Sight

They Met at the Cascadia Subduction Zone

Provisional Structure, Architectural Scar Tissue

29 September 2015


28 September 2015

Nunhead Chapel

24 September 2015

Get Thee to The Nursery

23 September 2015

Prince George

22 September 2015

What We Are Listening To

16 September 2015

Biter Bitten

15 September 2015 by A Moore


14 September 2015

Marcus Eats Breakfast, Ambulating

13 September 2015


The Queen

9 September 2015

Official Story

Read Tatiana Estévez's answer to What are some points of British office etiquette and what should I keep in mind while working with Britons? on Quora

2 September 2015

Perception of Government Responsibility in Anglosphere Nations I have Visited

1 September 2015


27 July 2015


26 July 2015

What Every Home Requires

Secret Bookcase Door Smoking Lounge

20 July 2015


17 August 2015

It is Time to

Back in the Day

13 August 2015


12 August 2015

HMS Rodney

10 August 2015

Puffy Clouds

5 August 2015

Within The Development of Technology

4 August 2015

Horses, made of metal, bejewelled polymers, ambled by

The age of speed and its requisite velocity, wheels and acceleration eroded, ever so slightly, by reinterpretations of past prosaic conditions. The inabilities behind us, now infused with a philosophy of an individual unit of power was in constant revision and reinterpretation. Where before beasts were made to work, now new, without the original flaws and flatulence or the body smearing failures of the age of speed.

Thus a horse, low on personality tapped by, on a sunny day, powered by light, leaving droplets of distilled water behind it.

They are everywhere now.

30 July 2015


27 July 2015

The Sun

23 July 2015


20 July 2015
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