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The Problems Become Inextricable and the Solutions, Drastic

Haunted by Younger Self

A auctioneer stands before an image of him self as a younger man

18 November 2013

It is the Job

just quit

15 November 2013


31 October 2013

Things to do in Brussels

First gaze upon the benevolence of Tintin et Milou upon a tall building.

Walk somewhere, there will be a big round building which would make a nice dwelling, and then some other things and places.

The doors to the central flats are magnificent and mighty. There will be a big boulevard and a plaza that looks best at dusk as orange light ambles past twisting shapes and then collapsing on cobbles. It will smell of chocolate and there will be a place for cool euro comics and another place for beer.

Things will hint towards English, but never be. Buy stamps from near the train station. Get lost in the underground trains, they do make sense eventually, though only for a bit. Avoid the urinating statue, fountain.

The atom thing is somewhere, please take a picture of it for me.

28 September 2013

The Fittest I Say

A portrait of C. Darwin

12 September 2013

Options for the Future

9 September 2013

Winding to a Close

My holidays and living in this flat near their end. We have hopes to move to a new place before getting the boot from this one.


6 September 2013

Goat Trouble

A telly programme boardcast an interview with an animal lover was surprised to learn that goats were not allowed to live in her council flat

4 September 2013


elephant head drawing

3 September 2013

Thoughts on Jam

a sugar suspension gel for application on bread. vital vitamins trapped in chromatic union with seeds that will never shoot. adhesive gloss, silently waiting to be pierced and divided; in cool jars, the intonation of freon, endlessly.

29 August 2013



Read Quote of Gui Seiz's answer to London, UK: Where is the best place to get a steak in london? on Quora

25 August 2013


Oh Wait!

Some careful analysis has concluded that the above is just old tricks rather than new ways of getting around, terrible!

Pay Heed Drivers

13 August 2013

Wait, what?

look and then turn

Dadstyle Choice

8 August 2013

Better Wheels

6 August 2013


a news presenter discussing soap and skin

Getting Around

5 August 2013


2 August 2013

Red Coat

walking down the street

29 July 2013

Great Shoes

Execution of Byng, right, detail

28 July 2013


27 July 2013

No Access

Problems of passwords can be solved with robot-dog noses

22 July 2013


18 July 2013

Security Apparatus Joke

I think Snowden is a double agent - why - no sex scandal

15 July 2013

Yes! Obviously!

I was thinking of putting this on shirts. Feedback?

14 July 2013


10 July 2013

Maker Faire Cool

6 July 2013

Isn't That Interesting

lethal art in cinema is often expressionism

3 July 2013

The Correct Term

renamed the location in which files are derezed

USAers say "trash", Brits, "rubbish"

1 July 2013


2007 Global 5000 S/N 9158 from J. Mesinger Corporate Jet Sales. on Vimeo.

29 June 2013

Bus Waiting


26 June 2013


the preface of a book

19 June 2013

Jolly Good Shows

18 June 2013

and Give it Robot Legs

17 June 2013

Rough, Smooth

walls, rough walls, smooth

16 June 2013
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