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After Bacon in Three Ways

Rodney After Bacon

March 20th 2010

You Looking at Me?

March 19th 2010

Happy Birthday Nicole!

sister sanches sits sofa

March 18th 2010

17. Canadian Action Film

Imagine revisions of popular action films, reframed from the point of the antagonists. Their actions presented in a sympathetic light. For instance, the errors of the hero are dwelled upon and the hero's poor dress or inability to communicate with the antagonist is illustrated. Also this imaginary film will use visual techniques to emphasise common points and sensations. Dramatic close ups of breathing and blinking, forcing humanity into the narrative and subjugating the sensational.

The loss and destruction of property would be noted on screen, with a replacement value total aways present and updated as the film continues. Interviews conducted with concerned citizens, outraged at the behaviour depicted on screen are given time to express their feels and offer suggestions to the relatively undifferentiated antagonists and protagonists. Medical advice and warning, details of treatments and the long road to recovery, expressed by medical professionals for those characters sustaining injury. The version of this film for the USA market will display a price tag for that layer of information.

This film would be terribly dull, with moments of humour, but a sad, defeated humour. This would also be noted in the film.

March 17th 2010


Today is a bit sunny, I ventured out into the world to check out a cafe mentioned in a local website. It is a the same transit zone as I, so should be cheap to get there. On my walk to the hole underground, I saw a funeral procession, at first I was excited to see a fellow in a top hat, but then was sad to see he was protecting a hearse. I exchanged trains at London Bridge, from Jubilee to Northern Lines, heading to Camden Town station. There are many tunnels to roll through, like a red blood cell, when changing lines. There were a lot of body modification shops near the hole from which my tunnel punctured the ground. A short walk down a road is the coffee place. A The coffee is a normal here, judged by tasting good and full. The first real cup I have had in months.

I am thinking about using FileMaker as a blogging platform, can somebody tell me why this is a bad idea in the comments.

March 16th 2010

Dave Hickey The Good Ennui at SVA

1 2 3 4

Another critic chatting about money and art and power dynamics to a rabble. Warning the transitions between videos are strangely un-jazzy, jazz.

I only ever had one night terror


I was a small child, dreaming for my bedroom at night, from the point of view of myself awake and either a small cow or large dog, was standing on the end of my bed.

March 15th 2010

The Mona Lisa Curse

Hughes makes errors citing the word commodity, expanding and diluting it meaning. Art escapes many of the bounds that define a commodity. The market situation he discusses is far more like the double jointed, bewildering market of currency speculation. He must be the only person to ever take Any Warhol literally, it wasn't really a factory, just called one. Real factories producing commodities have no relation to art production of any form, even silly art works. For a critic to grow tired of an artist work is not bad, but to keep your eye on they sales price is. He has been been fully seduced into displaying work in this programme he hates because of its price is another failure. He should be heaving himself over to a cool show, check it out and let us all know, what is so hot about it. While reassuring the viewer, yes this money thing is folly like so many before and forthcoming.

The Mona Lisa Curse from U_A_P on Vimeo.

Stealing your Beer

fortifying, foamy, free

March 14th 2010

Working with People

This clip reminds me of stories told to me from a friend, who works with people with disabilities. Often his clients abilities are underestimated and the true range of their abilities can be blotted out by a dull victim narrative.

March 13th 2010

An icon on my desktop is getting replaced when the icon size is so large only one image at a time can be on the desk top

March 12th 2010

033. Northwestern


March 11th 2010

CARIBOU - Odessa

CARIBOU - Odessa from Caribou on Vimeo.

Fun Fact: There is an Odessa in Saskatchewan!

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March 10th 2010

Rodney on Rails

A Train Map of my Trip

March 9th 2010

Everyone Loves Chicken

March 8th 2010

When I got up this morning, I typed “birth” into the search field of iTunes and played the following songs

March 7th 2010

Helicopter Show Theme

This show was great, there was a lot of flying around, adventures that did not take very long and a particular explosion that was used in a number of shows as their budget shrank.

March 6th 2010



March 5th 2010

Message to Val

The photo you sent is not being released for publication due to the refusal of the distribution company.

March 4th 2010

Concrete Poetry, Not Always Appreciated

March 3rd 2010

Gumby hits the streets of TO to celebrate Canada's win

In this footage, shot by S. Mines of Toronto, a celebration is being held for the occasion of some sort of victory.

March 2nd 2010

A Small Bag

a small bag with a red x on it

Mar 1st 2010

Victoria and Albert Museum

Yesterday, Rachæl and I explored this fine building and its many sights contained within. I was beguiled by many of the works of people, the sensitivity to the subjects humanity was often deft. Coming out of a time in which people often had vast gulfs of knowledge, status, wealth and power keeping them apart, the effort hints at a duress. This, like salt, makes the work so much easier to enjoy.

Feb 28th 2010

The Printed

The Joy Sporadic Periodical, 2nd Editions, for some issues, now available

Here are some Writers, reading

Steve Calvert sent me this link to an event he helped out with. It was held in Vancouver, not very long ago, but time will turn this statement false. I have one of Danato's prints on my wall.

The set up of this talk reminds me of.

Feb 27th 2010

Munch and Jennie's Star

Munch and Jennie's star

Feb 26th 2010

Bermondsey Underground Station

Black and white photograph for the Jubilie Line Underground Station, Bermondsey, in Southwark, London

Feb 25th 2010

Michèle Faguet Reports from Mexico

but doesn't any discussion of discursive marginalization merit at least a little drama?


In the Western Tradition, A Great Apocalypse Story

Who wants to start a methane mining company?

Feb 23rd 2010

The Trap and Interview with John Ralston Saul

The Trap - 1 - Fuck you buddy

The Trap - 2 - The Lonely Robot

The Trap - 3 - We Will Force you to be Free

What Curtis fails to state when recanting the neocon point of view, seems obvious. The neocon ideal, of the new human free agent, is a sheath to simple greed. They do not need to believe in the new free human, but knows that they can prevail against the atomised they create. The interwoven nature of US government, military and business creates a large block facing smaller blocks, constantly smashing them smaller. As US business, military are not fragmented this makes looting simpler.

John Ralston Saul

Saul expresses more cogent view of the world than Curtis, they have both undertaken the same task to synthesise the events of the world, in the recent years, for its citizens. The form that Curtis uses is captivating and of this moment, Saul is just more correct and you will have to read him. He seems to not really have much of a presence on the internet, though does quite a bit of public speaking. This interview I have posted is tawdry, but gets his voice across a bit.

Feb 22nd 2010

Shopper Returns in Book on Pillow

An ink drawing of a person walking with a bag

Feb 21st 2010


Yesterday I saw a show called Crash. The gallery was very nice and said it was cool to take pictures. Last week Rachæl and I saw a show called "The Empire Strikes Back" The week before we went to 0º. That place was more restrictive about photography so the pictures are more about on the container rather then the contained.


a cat, prancing

Feb 20th 2010
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