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Public Violence

Terrorists are only able to invoke terror if they have an possibility to dominate and control the society in which the violence occurs or degrade the public to the point it fails.

Marxists invoked terror in the general cultures of the nations in which they operated because their actions were prescriptions which have overthrown many governments. This is not a secret, and in nations with large numbers of exploited labour, this is entirely and famously possible.

Without this possibility, there is no terror and the word is invoked flaccid. Public violence is a description of events which invoke the memory of public movement, in which none exist, silently demanding a revolution to ones self and in the heads of people, isolated and murderous. School shootings or armed rampage, the detonation of a bomb here or murder elsewhere are best understood of the actions of displaced suicide. We experience no terror, just despair at the actions of the disquietists.

13 May 2015

Jaw returned to the Upright and Locked Position

2015 UK general election constituency map

9 May 2015

Jaw Dropped

7 May 2015

Waiting for the Bus

3 May 2015

List Lust Part II - The Considering

Pages. long form writing

Notes. orderly short notes with clear titles

Simplenote. long random, rambles and storage

Vesper. short random, currently only on iOS devices

trello. collaborative word slinging

Please Note. I have reverted to making makes on paper!

1 May 2015


25 April 2015

Tickle the Ebonies

16 April 2015

Read a Book

14 April 2015

Concerning Computers

13 April 2015

Sadness is my Uncle


12 April 2015


10 April 2015

On the Fringe of Rodney

9 April 2015

Software Updates Today

8 April 2015

Hey! That's My Bike

7 April 2015


Image taken from page 211 of 'Canada; from the lakes to the gulf. ... A compendium of travel ... with ... illustrations, by Captain Mac'

3 April 2015


2 April 2015

Jamie Makes Songs

31 March 2015

Long Cat

27 March 2015

Bridget Christie

26 March 2015


25 March 2015

Highway of Tears

24 March 2015


23 March 2015


22 March 2015

Walter Neff

Double indemnity screenshot 1.jpg
"Double indemnity screenshot 1" by Trailer screenshot - Double Indemnity trailer. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

HMS Rodney

18 March 2015

What we are reading

17 March 2015


Heidentor Carnuntum 4487

15 March 2015

Frack Us

12 March 2015


11 March 2015

It is Going to be OK

10 March 2015

Airdrop Dwelling

An airplane from a distance, slow, closer, its speed obvious, clattering, digging through the air, rear cargo doors open, a pallet is dragged out via parachute. On this rough wooden surface, metal, folded and sprung, now decelerating to a known rate, its angle of impact and rate of descent approximate, but within the tolerance of the generation of adequate kinetic energy to assemble the home on impact.

Slamming into the ground, straps release, wires uncoil, pipes extend, winding trough loops and channels. First appearing as a cloud of material, shrapnel, reorganising it self into a tumbling dome, with generous views and a spacious bathroom. Walls unfold and click satisfying into place and curtains unfurl behind windows of glossy plastic.

Inside the home, now still, a mobile phone lays on the floor of an empty room, trilling almost imperceptibly.

6 March 2015

Sleepy Head


Waterfront in Vancouver

5 March 2015

Public Service Announcement

4 March 2015

Swish Pad

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3 March 2015
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