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01 August 2017

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Tour de France 2017

18 July 2017


15 July 2017

Distracted Drink Destruction

Bequeathed two large, 640ml bottles of Tiger beer, a good deal at £4 for two we left the shop, not aware of the disaster before us. They swung in their carrier bag as we moved over the high street, in the partly cloudy, noon sun. Added to them was another bag of vegetables, whatnots and berries. I stood in front of the bakery and was transfixed by the scent and appearance of donuts and thought that maybe they were cream filled rather than saccharine, low grade, twice baked jam. The reddish evidence of jam not visible from my vantage point, filled me with hope as they, perchance, cream.

Fumbling in my grey weird man bag containing a lithium ion battery, headphones, a folding 5V charge adapter, glyceryl trinitrate spray, cables and my hope of a pound coin. As my fumbles gathered, fingers disappeared from under the plastic bag of amber and their collision with the pavement issued pops akin to dual cranium, windscreen impacts, foaming memories not enjoyed released with broaches of broken glass onto the dry ground. Regret inversely filling me as the bottles emptied.

tiger beer

Going to have them delivered next time, a case.

28 June 2017


Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist

21 June 2017


Infographic: The State of the Paris Agreement | Statista You will find more statistics at Statista

10 June 2017

How Much?

moving house

6 June 2017


1 June 2017


20cm Round Fixed Shower Head with Swivel Joint

20cm Round Fixed Shower Head with Swivel Joint

Regular Price:£19.99
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31 May 2017


24 May 2017


There are framers in Dartford, Greenwich and Lewisham.

21 May 2017

Been a While

My activities of the last few months have lacked the gradients of excitement and abyss which promotes the creation of marks in this space. Instead I have been working on a project with the dull diligence of a metronome. It seems very exciting to me, this project. Hopefully it has legs.

18 May 2017


15 May 2017

Perched Bird

11 May 2017

The Papers are made of Light

Read Jimmy Wales' answer to How is WikiTribune different from other news platforms? on Quora

4 May 2017

That's not a gingerbread house!

30 April 2017

The Papers

26 April 2017

This is Key

[news]Matt30 announces DSA Granite for Alps from MechanicalKeyboards

24 April 2017

Treasures from the New World

21 April 2017

Film Exposer

Minolta SRT-101

18 April 2017

Those Russians

14 April 2017

Hot Enough For You

29 March 2017


28 March 2017

The New Facile

23 March 2017

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