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June 11th 2010

Cut and


June 6th 2010

How Bacteria Talk

June 5th 2010

So Like I'm Wondering

I have for a while been wondering about two things I read in Science class so long ago. If you were to scale a human up to like 20 feet tall, their bones would break under the weight of the muscle and bone weight, mass would grow exponentially and the strength of bones would not.

Elephants look pretty stocky for being as large as they are, just an observation. Big heavy solid feet, not those dainty toes that the big running predators stood on.

Could gravity have grown stronger over time? Is there any science that can offer clues to the an possible changes to earth gravity in the past? This is the first thing that popped into my mind. I dunno, seems unlikely.

How did dinosaurs get so big and not suffer the problems that bedevil giant humans?

I did get one good answer when I asked this on a forum, but it is just more interesting mystery that answers.

June 4th 2010

Evil Genius - Momus

June 3rd 2010

Stationery Club Unofficial Lunch

Drinks were Drunk

Drinks and discussion concerning stationery, other topics.

June 1st 2010

Newspaper Clipping

Things to Do

Stationery Club Unofficial Lunch

May 30th 2010

Returning to the Anglosphere

Tomorrow I will be flying back to London, my time here has shown me many things to like in and about Portugal. The wine, vinho verde, that my Uncle makes is so drinkable it's disturbing. Bottles I have known, either cause hangovers, purple teeth or instant heartburn. None of this presents itself, he said, it is basically grape juice, nothing has been added, just grapes and time. Going to miss those dark violet glasses.

All of the houses, I've seen are cool and solid, like little mountains.

There were some sturdy, leather shoes in a market, with thick waxed thread stitches and polished nails reflecting back, from deep in the grooves of the sole. Wish I had bought them. The market has moved on and my memory of the name brand is impossible to find on-line. Has anyone heard of Sota shoes? Thought it would be clever to find all of the styles from the brand, but I can't find the brand on-line at all.

The terrain in this area is all drama.

Driving here is like gambling. Accelerating to 80km/h for a few metres is usual, the roads have narrow, intermittent shoulders, various textures, twist like spilt wires. Seatbelts are available in the front seats and nonchalance is required. To turn into my Aunt and Uncle's place, there is a sharp 180º turn to a cobbled road that drops around 11º and then has another wider turn in the opposite direction soon after. When I was last here as a child I threw up while in the back seat of a small white car during that turn.

I won €4 on a lotto ticket!

May 27th 2010

View from Ribeira de Pena

from public view deck

May 26th 2010

Today the Queen opened Parliament


The pageantry is so rock and roll.

May 25th 2010

From a Speeding Car, Cows Eat


May 24th 2010

View from my Window

May 23rd 2010

Goats in Grass


May 21st 2010

Extra Baggage Fee

She invented a gravity appliance so she  could bring more baggage when she traveled. Her bags always looked heavy in a flat sided, hard wooden box but when placed on the airport scale registered a startlingly low mass. 

The appliance used the mass of her clothes and furniture and the rest of her flat to create a tiny pool of gravity in the core of her possessions, they hovered, the bag hovered, she paid no extra fee.

When security looked inside they saw a large marble on what they always mistook for velvet and x-rays were often tricked into revealing nothing at all.

One day flying over Barcelona there was sudden turbulence and the beach umbrella slid into the guitar amplifier pushing the flat screen television into the wardrobe. The flat screen TV was never supposed to go into the wardrobe. 

Balancing her items was very, very important. While she had invented pools of gravity for her things, she didn't get around to stabilising the gravity from accumulating. It was on a list she had stuck to the fridge with a magnet the shape of a strawberry. 

It happened with a soft crinkle, the plane folded into the sturdy box and then a cloud as the bag fell from the sky, then a bird and finally much of Spain was stuffed into her now crowed flat.

The passengers were uniformly upset now that the planet was gone and all that was left was a small suitcase orbiting the sun and tapas.

I hate tapas said a traveller under his breath sitting on a beriveted aluminium panel.

She felt the weight of the passengers and crews anger and some of her own  guilt under their glares, but she was busy and then turned back to the work of protecting the stickers covering the suitcase from the solar wind.  

May 19th 2010

Playfully Angry

I ate most of that

May 18th 2010

Norway Day

May 17th 2010

Charlie Rose interviews Henri Cartier-Bresson

I only have started watching this, but want to go for a walk, so I will catch the end later. Charlie is running this interview with "hammy-hands". He keeps asking sweeping questions, then Henri goes for some nuance, then Charles goes for another big idea. Does this stop? Please, ruin it for me.

May 13th 2010


After the conservatives won I needed a drink

May 11th 2010

Food Expressing Post Food Sensations

this joyful plate is joyful
May 9th 2010

Self Portrait, 2001

Such Happy Days

May 6th 2010

Current Events

Yesterday Rachæl and I went to a show at the Pumphouse Gallery. The artist hired an interior designer to change the interior of the gallery and hired a video crew to capture all of their interactions and then created a video presentation in the style of home renovation shows that are popular on speciality cable television stations.

It was funny.

Today I walked to the Peckham Library and was excited to see it. Strangely it is covered in mesh and there is a 4 story ascent before one hits the books, but once there the reward was a nice normal library! I have been feeling a bit library starved. The one closest to our place is very small and lacks wireless internet. There is another one a train ride away, that is a very nice place to sit, but lacked stacks. I found the entire Peckham neighbourhood to be lively and fun to wander around. I found a stamp in a very crowded Post Office and conversed with the impatient people in front of me.

I found a Canadian shop near Covent Garden and got a Coffee Crisp from them. It is good to see some French again.

May 4th 2010


From the movie Kes

May 2nd 2010

New Logo

I think it is done, any thoughts? on Twitpic

For the Joy Sporadic Periodical

May 1st 2010


April 30th 2010

Hot drink, cold day

drawing of a drinker with hot drink

I did a little movie review yesterday, the movie is not very good.

April 29th 2010

Observations on the Public Discussion on UK Migration, 2010

The UK has net migration that under half of one percent to its current population per year and has never gone over this number.

This book looks good. on Twitpic

The UK has an open labour market to all other EU nations and since the pound is more valuable than the euro, it can be advantageous to work for pounds rather than euros.

The confusion and cross talking of these issues is creates a strange situation where citizens of the UK can imagine that their state is extremely generous with migrants. It is not, it is fair and follows its policies, but it is not a give away.

The fear of new people and the imagined fragility of British culture is amazing to witness, from the very heart of a people who transformed the entire world with their movement, trade and empire; trembling in the face of a small non native population.

On a episode called "Is Britain Full" in the BBC news programme Panorama states, "yes it is". The only think I could determine Britain being full of was ignorance. The show stated that UK population will shortly reach 70 million due to immigration. This is a strange claim because all of the political parties have agreed to limit migration, birth rates are falling and has listed the UK as 176th in the world for a population birth rate of .28. It is telling the statistician on this show says her numbers are accurate within 2.5%. This margin of error is easily double the highest intake of approximately 400,000 for a country of 60,000,000. At the recent political debate, a party leader says he would limit immigration to be at the 1997 level of 77,000. Why nobody is mentioning the EU labour market is bewildering, as is the rancour surrounding a small numbers of migrants.

New Data!

During the leadership debate on the 29th of April, it was said clearly, by Nick, that EU citizens can work in the UK and that they are being confused with immigration. Finally the distinction has been made and now everything is fine.


April 28th 2010

AWS Review

It was fun and got funner after a vendor told me the password for the internet access. I spoke to a guy working for a company that processes genetic information for some reason and told him all about my 5 Year movie plan. He expressed full support for my endeavour. There were free drinks, snacks and cookies and tea earlier. I tried to eat and drink enough to offset my monthly AWS costs.

AWS Conference

oh wait, there is more!

And here are the presentations. If you look at all of them, while distracted, it will be just like being there.

April 27th 2010

Finally the bourgeoisie have been defeated!

Not as satisfying as it was supposed to be.

April 24th 2010

And then

Today I put in a great effort towards the five year plan, much progress was made. Soon I will post some photos and commentary from the AWS Cloud for Enterprise Event, but not now, now I must focus on movies.

April 23rd 2010

Nice Marmalade Building

I forgot where it is, please let me know in the comments, thanks

and then it was known that

A new gallery opened in our neighbourhood for a number of days, and I got a hint that it most probably be in the Russell Square neighbourhood. That seems like it could be so.

April 22nd 2010

The Five Year Plan, the first Five Hours and Tomorrow

There has been much progress in the 5 year plan today, but I am encountering a number of interesting details that threaten the purity of the vision I articulated yesterday.

From 2000 to 2005 the situation is quite easy, most of the movie files are low frame rate sequences. These are placed on my server, in a fancy way that makes me feel all proud and things. You see it is on a Amazon server, but the URL is not a messy one any more, it is a smooth, sleek URL. Thanks Dave! 2006 sees an explosion of rapid frame rate pictures. These are more of an issue. You Tube is not nearly as cool as Vimeo if the aspect ratio is more vertical than horizontal. Also for some reason the movie "Last Supper" fails on contact with the You Tube upload, not sure what to do with that. I suppose, some movies will have to sit on Vimeo while I can decide what to do with them.

Oh I just had a really good idea! I'll make a new page for all of the current Vimeo films. I will do that last.

Tomorrow I will be going to "AWS Cloud for the Enterprise Event" so I can learn new things, have some snacks and chat about my 5 Year Movie plan with others.

April 21st 2010

His Laconic Attention, then fell upon The Movies

I think I am going to, slowly, over the next 5 years or so, implement a strategy for the display of my movies online. In which frame rates will determine the format that the viewer will be able to access the moving pictures, all bundled up in their codex to protect them from the cold winds of non-linearity.

Slower frame rate movies, of the slideshow variety will be hosted, by me, on my site in MP4 or MOV format. I cannot decide which. The other faster frame rate motion pictures that more try harder to create the appearance of motion will be rewarded for their efforts in the Land of YouTube. These files will be charged with the task of gathering new eyes to these pictures and more. My romance with Vimeo has concluded, while their quality is so much better, the 2nd class sensation they bestow on the non member users is too much of a bummer. I have a number of other movies scattered here and there and these too will be brought into the umbrella of this five year plan.

My other plans, stated here are in full flame, burning white hot is Issue 9 of the Joy Sporadic Periodical, with progress being made on some international flags, the shepherding of required images into nearby folders. I am also shallow in the planing of the 30 second commercials for JSP, recently deciding which book to storyboard in.

April 20th 2010
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