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Once Upon a Time in British Columbia

9 July 2014


8 July 2014

Not Yours, Everyones

Expropriate - CAN
Compulsory purchase - UK
Eminent domain - USA
Resumption - HK

28 June 2014

My Ticket Gets Me on This One

"A330FAMILYv1.1" by Julien.scavini - Own work based on [.. Template/Data-Source? ..]. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

8 June 2014

Going on Holiday

the opening credit for a road movie

6 June 2014

Comicbook Characters and the Fears They Assuage in the Thoughts of Boys

SUPERMAN. powerlessness and being dissolved in the homogeneity of adult male identity

SPIDERMAN. masturbation; sticky hands, flying from building to building, through the air, crawling up walls with hairy hands, long socks

BATMAN. homosexuality; lives in a cave, closet with scantily clad boy, capers at night in leather fetish outfit, has a car that projects anxiety

WOLVERINE. castration; knife hands when excited

IRONMAN. physical injury, emotional connection and erectile disfunction; soft mammal body replaced with a hard outer shell, like an insect

HULK. failed machismo; expresses rage, clothes ripped apart by growing mass except for one part then never grows very large

22 May 2014



a jet and the top of a set of drawers

17 May 2014

Blinking Question Mark

four horsemen of hard drive failure

14 May 2014

Standard Occidental Modes

The ideal dream is to loose the mass of material, achieve formlessness and inflate endlessly in value. This is the relentless Valhalla of the infected with abstract.

Romantic victims are enveloped with the sensation of their world and try to hold fast, their fingers wrapped around things, pointlessly, blood leaking from meat rubbed raw as they are torn about by the actions of nature.

The known sadness comes from the relentless failure of the abstracts and the grotesque success and predictable future failure of the romantics.

Airport Pictures

7 May 2014

Special Relationship

3 May 2014


2 May 2014

I Have Some Bad News

Recently an article was posted, citing a spike in skin cancer in the UK was attributed to sun beds and trips to the south. Leaving out that the radiation that falls to the ground is very different now, than it used to be in the 1970s and that it may return to those great days around 2050.

27 April 2014


a street in Brussels

21 April 2014

What the Totem Sees

From the upper balcony in the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford



If you think about this in a certain sort of way, it is somewhat funny

16 April 2014

We are

Rachael and Rodney are getting Married

14 April 2014

They Sort of Look the Same

1 April 2014


Somewhere in Shoreditch

28 March 2014

This Film

young men, seperated from young women by glass, perform antics woah is me

27 March 2014

Is it Cold in Here?

26 March 2014

The Papers

In a scene in Il Capo Dei Capi, the protagonist declares that the media presents an untrue perspective

25 March 2014

New New Zealand Flag

This is my design for the new New Zealand flag, the current one has vexed me for many years.

24 March 2014

Du rififi chez les hommes

In this film, men work hard to rob a bank, in this image they are testing their techniques

13 March 2014


12 March 2014
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