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24 December 2018

Dot Polly

Since the dawn of time man has desired to know what is going on. We have come far in our quest for understanding, but new obstacles lay before us. Narrative is being used to distort political truths and a comfort in distortion is growing.

We need a new, way for all of us to learn more about the world, faster.

Dot Polly will provide political facts in a glanceable format, like the dash board of a car, it is for anyone in a hurry. Curated and focused on expressing the complex, all you ever have to do, is have a look and learn what is really going on.

Serving maps since, sometime in the near future

2 November 2018

Live Shphere

11 October 2018


3 October 2018


Publishing is the act of placing before curious eyes, meaningful marks.

The placing before is a very important act. publishers have missed an important action by not creating devices and machines to deliver their content to people who love those marks. The printing presses and paper stacks are to be replaced by the component and device manufacture and digital distribution. Like the previously existing printworks, production needs to be local, technical and device support be immediate.

E-ink in particular is being botched by being developed and sold by a retailer of junk rather than those who's purpose is to place, before eyes, meaningful marks.

Like having a cook or greengrocer do the job of waiter.

Publishers need to make machines to deliver their words, these machines need to be the best at delivering the marks the publishers want to be in the world.

12 August 2018

Burning Bright

8 August 2018

Forget Mars

Venus is where it is at.

The high pressure on the surface will make, creating energy a cinch. Energy is created from gradients and that planet has loads of them. Carbon Dioxide is a pain you say, we will be experts in dealing with it in a few years. I say, lets start with some heat resistant cyanobacteria and algae.

Hate the long days, lack of magnetic field or backwards spin? Stop your complaining! The ease of Mars is the reward of dusty bordom.

3 August 2018

The Robots Search for Authenticity and a Heart Often Ends in Success

26 July 2018

GB Redo

Back in the mists of time Great Britain, was such a success that each sub-national units was given the chance to remake themselves. Wales did this in New Zealand, England in Australia and Scotland emerged in Canada. Ireland and Northern Ireland got each other. The East India Company begot the United States of America. The possibility of the branch is limited by the dimensions of the root, problems that bedevil each nation are found in this fissures of their structure and purpose.

23 July 2018

What we are Listening to

21 June 2018

Somebody Said This

Read books that have nothing to do with literature. Get off the main thoroughfares; you’ll see nothing there. For example, Kant's Critique is a yawn but his incidental writings are fascinating. There has to be a libidinous delight in finding things and stuffing them in your pockets. You must get the servants to work for you. You mustn’t do all the work yourself. That is, you should ask other people for information, and steal ruthlessly from what they provide. None of the things you make up will be as hair-raising as the things people tell you.I can only encourage you to steal as much as you can. No one will ever notice. You should keep a notebook of tidbits, but don’t write down the attributions, and then after a couple of years you can come back to the notebook and treat the stuff as your own without guilt.Don’t be afraid to bring in strange, eloquent quotations and graft them into your story. It enriches the prose. Quotations are like yeast or some ingredient one adds. Look in older encyclopaedias. They have a different eye. They attempt to be complete and structured but in fact are completely random collected things that are supposed to represent our world. It’s very good that you write through another text, a foil, so that you write out of it and make your work a palimpsest. You don’t have to declare it or tell where it’s from. A tight structural form opens possibilities. Take a pattern, an established model or sub-genre, and write to it. In writing, limitation gives freedom.If you look carefully you can find problems in all writers. And that should give you great hope. And the better you get at identifying these problems, the better you will be at avoiding them.

20 June 2018

Hello World

robot waving

10 June 2018

Whale Tale

03 June 2018

RA RA Rass Putin

20 May 2018

I'll Get This Round

15 May 2018
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