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Have you Read ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’?

What are you doing with your…

27 October 2016

Tired is the New Drunk

25 October 2016



22 October 2016



15 October 2016

it is so light

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12 October 2016

Aftershave I Want

7 October 2016

What's in the…

Current Affairs

6 October 2016

Political Suicide

1 October 2016


My only request for my open heart surgery was a picture of my own heart. My doctors did even better and took a video! from gifs

29 September 2016

Did you read?

25 September 2016


21 September 2016

Nice Job

Wheelchair accessible stairs! One hell of a cool design

19 September 2016

Discussion: What We Think About When We Try Not to Think About Global Warming

16 September 2016

So, What's Going on Here?

12 September 2016


Bike, by rodneysanches

2 September 2016

Make Provisional Last

21 August 2016

Get on It

I am worried that England is a little low on the elevation for climate change, those machines used to make diamonds can be produced on scale and maybe stop when the material is an igneous rock rather than squeezing all the way to diamond. Slap some solar panels on them and park them by the tip. Rocks!
18 August 2016

Security Footage

17 August 2016

Stop Saying Decimate

11 August 2016


10 August 2016

Looking ahead

I am looking to have my skeleton made inert and bequeathed to my immediate family. This is to ensure my burdensome presence would continue, also as I think back on my accomplishments, my greatest legacy are my bones, fillings and stent. Those little rare earth magnets could be used to hold the various joints together, so that they could be detached to help around the house and hopefully be reunited for special holidays or visitors.

5 August 2016

Patriotic British Twee Shirts

I aim to provide the Great British Public a selection of shirts with an iconic symbol of a city or British institution. They are a response to the infection of USA icons afflicting the identity of individuals on their hats and shirts. This fine apparel will be the cure to identity disease and wind close the shame that prevents the British from being Great again in these hilarious times.

27 July 2016



20 July 2016

Meanwhile in Europe

Flag of (Ned) Flanders from vexillology

5 July 2016
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