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Momus presents "Thinking about Scarfolk"

4 July 2016

Tower by the River

30 June 2016

Bad Air

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29 June 2016

Leaving Catatonia

28 June 2016

Listen to This

19 June 2016

Tell Me a Joke

An alligator decided to have unprotected sex... from Jokes

15 June 2016

Great Look

Cool jumper

13 June 2016

A Bit Glum

2 June 2016

What's On?

24 May 2016

Lordship Lane

19 May 2016

Happy Birthday P. March

18 May 2016


17 May 2016

No Phone

no reassuring and familiar songs in ears as territory folds back and forth on days value tokens are gathered

no blue bubbles of words chosen by loved and regular humans, radiant before my eyes

no small stories on the subject of transportation methods and their failings

no fragile messages from companies being transformed into noting by inattention and mild malice

flowers of anxiety from the absence of these things and a longing to belong in the collective act of ignoring

12 May 2016 - icon

NASA's SDO Captures Mercury Transit Time-lapses SDO Captures Mercury Transit Time-lapse

Things are Looking Up

10 May 2016

you are welcome, argentina

5 May 2016


Read Kess Efski's answer to What was the single deadliest hour in human history? on Quora

3 May 2016

Face it

2 May 2016


30 April 2016

At Last

27 April 2016

What We are Reading

19 April 2016

Frozen Battalions Deployed

18 April 2016


A photo posted by dani k (@danikjohnson) on

10 April 2016

Old Shop

Mr. Computer

Lower Mainland

4 April 2016 — by R Marasa

Hooked on Pachyderms

2 April 2016

Face of the Nation

Flag Stories

27 March 2016

Cooling Out The Mark

22 March 2016
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