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Holiday Food Review


24 December 2016

Baby Transport

22 December 2016

Water on the Glass of Rear Window

19 December 2016

Crystal Palace Station

12 December 2016



8 December 2016

Music to Clean the House To

4 December 2016


3 December 2016

Thursday Afternoon

Today I made a table out of 5 shelf panels, and looked longingly at a panel of wood that did not require fastening. The place of fastening required a jaunt through the autumnal pastoral and then to the land of tiny beers. A mistaken bus decision placed me at a comfortable fried chicken establishment and a fretful walk home. The table has more integrity than feared. Hundreds of tiny screws bind unlike material together. Dreams of contiguous panels continue, fitfully.

1 December 2016

On a Train

30 November 2016 — by R Marasa


29 November 2016


20 November 2016

Cannonball Adderley

Listen to this song while reviewing the chart
12 November 2016

Missing You

I made a chart showing the popular vote turnout in 2008, 2012 and 2016.

10 November 2016


09 November 2016

auto da fé

A video posted by Rodney Sanches (@hello_rodney) on

5 November 2016


4 November 2016

This Guy

3 November 2016


This video is on another page!

When scientists are mentioned, they mean, social scientists.

2 November 2016


1 November 2016

Yeah, Don't Hug

Inspired by the "Don't hug me I'm scared" videos. from Halloween_Costumes

31 October 2016

Provisional Construction Enabled


30 October 2016

Home Town

The newest addition to the map room has been sent to the printers and we anticipate forthcoming festooning with great ebullience.

28 October 2016

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