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March 2, 2015


28 February 2015

Confirmation Bias

26 February 2015

Spatial Awareness

25 February 2015


On the Fridge

24 February 2015


19 February 2015

Art Gallery Entrance

18 February 2015


17 February 2015

iPad Frame, like a big Stamp

15 February 2015

Happy Birthday CD

14 February 2015


13 February 2015

Fresh and New

Ireland could use a new banner, that French style flag has been flagging for years and the Scandinavian look is brisk.

11 February 2015

Wants to Deport His Wife

5 February 2015

If Looks Could Kill, They Probably Wouldn't

This web sight is benefiting from a new layout in these times of worldwide tumult. There has been a general squashing, with more squashing rushing forward in the future. This would be a good plan for many politic regions as florid gesture and shivering, machismo belligerence is rife and polluting the world with boring messages and death. It would be great if the job of political office had an option for transposition to a differing location, to determine the value of action and policy in a more general way. Anything to bring more deliberation and reflection to the service of politics and those who aspire to leadership.

3 February 2015

Some Starve, others…

When in the delivery room, after the birth, the midwife asked if I wanted to keep / eat the placenta.

Names and Dates

IFTTT Recipe: Whenever I add a new contact, mark it in my Calendar connects ios-contacts to google-calendar

29 January 2015


28 January 2015


27 January 2015

That TV Looks Good

26 January 2015


24 January 2015 — by D Lorenzato-Lloyd

For your Ears

21 January 2015

Froot Roots

20 January 2015

Where is that Show?

15 January 2015

Sky Plants

As a plant, the stem shoots from the seed then blooms, the sky plant persists for a shorter duration, but changes more around it than thought possible

13 January 2015

Nice Bike

Nice bike

12 January 2015

Once Again We Are Compelled to Defend Cultural Production That We May Not Appreciate

Much like Sony Pictures "The Interview" these comics are not funny enough. The premise originally lacked gravity, but now, due to bizarre reaction, it does.

10 January 2015


8 January 2015

Who Doesn't?

5 January 2015

Check out Those Tiles

Beach Style Kitchen by Yorkshire And The Humber Architects fiftypointeight Architecture + Interiors

1 January 2015

Drinks Tea

Mormon Rage

31 December 2014

Dude, This Plane is Not Big Enough for Two, Here Have A Donut and Get the Next Flight

"Faravahar-Gold" by Shaahin - Own work. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

30 December 2014

So it is OK, right?

package says no in sweden

17 December 2014

How about

Good idea

13 December 2014
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