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Once Upon a Time, there was no Time


tiny tube of toothpaste

Expired Canadian toothpaste

11 March 2014


Ambassador from the London Zoo

As the incredulous giraffe entered the room, she regarded the situation with distain. Why do they behave like this, she wondered, don't they know I can see the tops of their heads?

4 March 2014


Our new place

28 February 2014

I Like Things Made As they are Desired

Back in the Day

files no longer needed

25 February 2014

Indoor Scaffolding

19 February 2014


18 February 2014

Goodbye Cats

11 February 2014

Attitude, the right

some athletes pose for portraits and exppress the right attiture for competition

29 January 2014

The Trouble

A clear plastic cover has fallen from the light in hood above the hob

The Weird: a discussion of fiction and politics with China Miéville

28 January 2014


This situation is

22 January 2014

Research Project

15 January 2014

Maybe this will be a good movie


Unsolved Mystery

I was unable to collect the mail order toothpaste from the collection point on Mandela Way, due to medical emergency. It was returned and moneys involved, refunded.

14 January 2014

The Beds of Rotherhithe

sleepless insomnia old mattress on the block no rest sunny side up friends with box

13 January 2014


An artistic gathering

8 January 2014

Book House

At the end of the street Enid Blyton was born on

7 January 2014

Stealing Diamonds

5 January 2014


4 January 2014

As One Does

Airports of London

View Airports of London in a larger map

Lots of discussion about new airports, the current ones just need expansion and mag-lev rail connection to central London except for Heathrow for course! It should be turned into council housing, an all night cafe and launch pad for space exploration.

3 January 2014


Jacobs... Marc, Jacobs

24 December 2013

They Sort of Look the Same


Water be Pouring

The leak in the bathroom has been found

New Friends

pills for my ills

22 December 2013

This one

wht a lovely bath

18 December 2013


Today my little green phone stopped working, or maybe it stopped earlier, but its inability to make sounds was noted today.

the little green phone is now silent

A new phone entered the home and quickly demonstrated that the line is down, chatting with the phone company came with a threat, we would have to pay if the line is damaged on our property. Now cloaked in fear, I wait for the dial tone.
13 December 2013

Covent Garden

9 December 2013

Big place

nice, big place in Brussels

5 December 2013

Jump Jet

Tate Britain - Fiona Banner

2 December 2013

Soooooo, just keep doing that

lub dud

1 December 2013
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