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You all right?

Evidence that Canadian Beer was Once Available in the United Kingdom

The pub has been closed for years


policing and compensation in victoria canada

Jan 15th 2011


meditation on machismo

Jan 14th 2011

This Service is Crap

This Service is Crap

Jan 11th 2011

And for Today, a Song

Jan 10th 2011

Crack Räven I Stan

This photo was taken by Karin Arvidsson

Jan 6th 2011 by K Arvidsson

No it is not

The photo shows and obvious doughnut in a container labled muffins

Rachael and Mister Ben

rachael and mister ben

Jan 5th 2011

Deer in the Headlights

Two deer are illuminated in the head lights of a truck I am sitting in, quite some time ago

Not as concerned as everyone says.

Jan 4th 2011

428. From Red and White Book

number 1 number 2 number 3

Jan 3rd 2011


from the shore, on a snowy day

Dec 29th 2010

My Message to You


Dec 25th 2010

Liquid from Austria

can glass

Dec 13th 2010


but I am thinking about up

Dec 12th 2010

I Used to Work in Facility Management

There is a small street with a van on it

Dec 8th 2010


Dec 1st 2010

I have often been told I look like another person

Maybe I will get glasses like those

Also on that list is the new mayor of Calgary, some random man, caught on video file, in a crowd, where I work and somebody named Julian, but that was a long time ago.

Recently, young men demanded my telephone with malices, perhaps they also mistook me for another, maybe a person with many telephones, there was instant disagreement, knock about fisticuffs and much shouting. I am happy to report they departed without my phone, but that doesn't mean it ever rings.

Nov 25th 2010

Today I Drew the Sawmill I Previously Worked at, from Memory


It is still very rough; the drawing, memory, place.

Nov 22nd 2010

Current Home

The curtains are different, they are binds now, the door has also changed to a deep cyan and I broke the mail slot flap when moving in, but you can not really see it the previous mail slot flap in this picture and that is terrible. A neighbour quickly fashioned a replacement mail slot door flap that is attached to the back of the door. We never spoke much to the first floor people before they moved away. Perhaps they thought it was stolen. Also on that day I crushed my index finger on my right hand and now it grows inexplicably cold. Must I become a Bond villain?

image of the outside of our current home

The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog

funny animated gif

Nov 21st 2010

Found in Victoria, Canada, Loaded


I am interested in the crimes and conflicts involving youth in this area. Perhaps the land is driving the perpetrators mad? The trees are spooky, the ocean wind strong, and they seem unable to build a waste water system in the area, thousands of years after these systems have been invented. The victims include M. Dunahee, R. Virk, W. Kinloch and K. Proctor.

Nov 20th 2010

Revolving, Plotting and Catapulting

The planet has made it around the sun once since I have arrived to the UK. On the day I was flying over the Atlantic, this photo was used on this blog. The flight was fine, the wine was terrible, line up to Border went fast. Much has gone on in the last year and the radiant future beckons.

Nov 19th 2010

Terrible When It Happens

stealing wifi is delightful
Nov 18th 2010

Elusive Transparent Liquids

Now I am searching for Hydrogen Peroxide and Rubbing Alcohol in London. The difficulty experienced in finding these two liquids reminds me of the trial endured to locate unmalted vinegar and mineral oil. The mineral oil had a funny name so it took a bit to unearth. The unmalted vinegar had to be purchased from a store trading in the groceries of Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

My suffering has alerted me to a possible market for London. A shop to sell these furtive liquids along with transparent coffee and distilled water. Also on the pristine, glowing shelves; saline solution, perfume (his: pine, hers: doughnut), bleach and an all purpose cleaner. On the Ingest shelf; Mineral Water, Soda Water, Tonic Water, Non-malted Vinegar, Vodka, Gin, and sadly White Rum.

Nov 17th 2010

Mondo '77 by Looper

Nov 12th 2010


Bon Fire Night Blaze with Violets

Nov 6th 2010

Going to take a giant box of Recycling to one of those Logos Tomorrow

Local Recycling Spots of Something

Nov 2nd 2010

If You are Moving Large Items in London,This Organisation is Tops

They are very cool

October 31st 2010
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