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Natural History

Today we went Natural History Museum and saw A Dinosaur it was a bit of a bummer, they are just monsters.

Oct 30th 2010


Oct 22nd 2010

When My Shoulders are Cold, I Cough

Cough prevention

Friends ARE Refreshing


Public Apology

Sorry Shandi

Warm Withoutdrawal


A Metric Movie

Oct 13th 2010

Glued to a Page

it is like a collage, but without the poetry

Sept 30th 2010

The Changers

The Changers can be frustrated

Sept 22nd 2010

New Tools

Sept 19th 2010


Posted using Mobypicture.comThis month, will be our last in the neighbourhood of Bermondsey. We have found a new place to live, in a neighbourhood called Nunhead. This place seems to lack the myriad of issues our current dwelling foists upon us. There will be a movie of the failings in the near future. Until then we are busy planning, our movie, packing and being interrupted by the letting agency who, before us giving up the tenancy could never return a phone call and now are at our door constantly with prospective new tenants, who I cannot make eye contact with, lest I scream, "They will never fix the door buzzer, toilet or mould farm! The electrical faults in the bathroom, with the flashes of light have not stirred them into action even though it presents a clear and obvious hazard." That would be a bit much to holler, but I may.

Sept 18th 2010


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Aug 28th 2010



Aug 24th 2010

Rock Photog

Clipped from the TimeOut

Aug 22nd 2010


from the top of the old gaol

Aug 19th 2010

There are Needs and


Aug 17th 2010

Trees Trees Trees

Treasure of the Forest by Roger Blais, National Film Board of Canada

Aug 15th 2010

Infusion of nutrients in the air

Biological weapons researchers should work to provide a rich brew of vitamins and minerals that can be acquired via an airborne vector. These air delivery meals could be used against the hungry and stationary in all locals. Different meals could be produced and different variations of delivery could be perfected. This is a special order item could be delivered via short or long range missiles with multiple meal delivery snackheads.

Aug 14th 2010

Handkerchiefs, After Iron

My Hankies, After Iron

Aug 3rd 2010

Hello World!

I am refreshed after a short break from posting updates and been thinking of my next magazine and am finding the Nation subject too daunting, instead a more humble undertaking will be the contents of this blog, the posts from 2007, made solid, into a magazine. Also after taking a look at this sight on a new glowing sheet of glass, for sale in the markets and shops of this an other fair lands. A seed has been planted in my thoughts to evade the use of a technology called flash. This will take a short duration of fancy finger work, resulting in cohesion and the kind of visual continuity you, my lookers, have come to expect.

04. Quidditch: Advice for Pleasure

The game quidditch in the Harry Potter stories are a subliminal instructions for young men on the proper actions and attentions for making love to a woman.

Played astride a broom, held to the front of the body with one or two hands. Flying through the air. Free and unencumbered by gravity. (thanks Freud). When witches were being persecuted, their lack of sexuality due to age or social exclusion was cited by placing them astride a broom and endowing them with a phallus.

Each team has 3 obvious hoops and 2 conspicuous spheres to contend with, but like many adventures the prize is in the capture of the tiny, fast moving, hard to see, little, glossimer nib of a thing, called the snitch.

When captured, there is much cheering, applause.

July 24th 2010


I am taking a break from posting to bask in the summer sun and gather my thoughts into a small bag, slamming them against the wall so they fit into my glass of tonic and gin.

July 11th 2010

Assorted Hats and Eye Protection

assorted hats

July 1st 2010

Dirty Low Paid Jobs

Fancy Phone Calls

hello, i cant talk

June 26th 2010



June 23rd 2010

Tree Fence Deliveries

This tree wants to break free

June 22nd 2010

Empty Plaza with Sandwich Box from a Crowed Bus

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June 18th 2010

I Love these Boots

They are wonderful, recently found in a Portuguese market, other desirable styles were present, but in the wrong size. Can anyone help me locate the company that makes them, or a UK distributer? I would provide a reward of a drawing of me wearing lovely boots stomping on something, anything the finder of this company of boot makers wish.

Today they were slathered them in polish, they will need more and I will soon oblige.

Tech Support Advice

Smile or Die - Barbara Ehrenreich discusses coercive recommendations for emotional expression

June 12th 2010
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