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Musicians in groups work to recreate a human body, in a way that approaches an experience or desire they recognise. They do this with their instruments, actions and voice.

Instruments are refined tools that extend the human body, and their form expresses various parts of the body. The modification and distortion of the instruments display an attention and awareness of the organ being considered.

Cultures have work to do to sustain their existence. This labour requires tools, these tools change and fluctuate with over time. Social agents constantly strip the tools of direct trade and labour and set them to the task of expression and expounding aspects of the culture. This can be music, describing cultures, bodies in motion.

4 December 2014


Geologic Clock with events and periods.svg
"Geologic Clock with events and periods" by Woudloper Derivative work: Hardwigg - File:Geologic_clock.jpg. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

27 November 2014

Last Year

Was asleep, woke, a bit uncomfortable, poured water from a carafe into its tiny glass, drank it. My teeth ached. They ached like they do after exercising, I have asked various dentists about this jaw ache, they so far have no idea.

Walked to the bathroom for a desired floss and then thought, I could use a sit down.

Rachael said the sound of my head hitting the floor was unusual and woke her up.

I was not being very helpful in discussing with Rachael about was was going on. She made some phone calls, we got some visitors with gear, they measured this and that, concerned expressions and a swift, loud van ride to a hospital. I got a thoracic ultrasound and was declared NOT PAMI, not having a heart attack. My heart rate was fast, said the machine. 100bpm, a later blood test revealing high levels of troponin encouraged the doctor to perform an angiogram.

Later the gram got plasti and a metal sleeve was stuffed into a artery in my heart. I sat around after that, in a bed, with a pressure bandage on my wrist. It was difficult to sleep. This is the first time I had been admitted to a hospital since birth.

26 November 2014

In The Highest Tradition

18 November 2014

In and About Theatre

11 November 2014

Listen, with your Ears

10 November 2014

Domestic Violence

5 November 2014

Well, Due to the nature of the song, I took a screenshot of it playing as I was enjoying it suspecting it would be taken down. That Happened and now we can appreciate the portrait

4 November 2014

Noticed Someone

29 October 2014


In which tailors expand their visa for improving the world

It is currently acceptable for business professionals to carry, in public, nylon bags. A situation such as this leads towards my proposal that all professional sports be conducted in uniforms that resemble business suits. The fabric could continue to be breathable and tie pins designed in a fashion to prevent the puncture of skin. Player identification can be achieved with improvements to camera zoom to name tags a fixed over the left breast of the sports person and the affiliation of the team be defined by tie.

Goal keepers to display their distinctive position on the pitch could display a cummerbund or scarf where appropriate.

28 October 2014

Check out those Mits

Deinocheirus hands.jpg
"Deinocheirus hands" by Jordi Payà from Barcelona, Catalonia - IMG_1241' Uploaded by FunkMonk. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

23 October 2014


21 October 2014

Lets Do Lunch

13 October 2014

The Hierarchy of Human Cognition

                           /  \
                         /      \
                        /        \
                       /          \
                      /            \
                     /    SMART     \
                    /                \
                   /                  \
                  /                    \
                 /                      \
                /         CLEVER         \
               /                          \

9 October 2014

Fast Friend

29 September 2014



22 September 2014

When Facebook's login page states "It's free and always will be"

16 September 2014

Lets Make Tracks

Just left the train station

9 September 2014

Like I was Saying

from The Turin Horse, some guy nattering on

5 September 2014


Image from page 356 of "Canadian grocer July-December 1895" (1895)

2 September 2014

Please Play at My Funeral

28 August 2014


Drinking crushed ice

25 August 2014


movie poster for Violet & Daisy

22 August 2014

Selected Romantic Republican Revolutions

USA1783civil war625,000
France1789the terror42,000
Haiti1804revolution causalities124,000
USSR1917the great purge1,000,000
China1949great leap forward32,500,000
Ireland1949the troubles3,530
Mozambique1975civil war1,000,000
Vietnam1976american war3,886,026

21 August 2014

On Highway 16

Hazelton, Bulkley Gate, 1918

15 August 2014

Cheer Up

14 August 2014




The bottom is apple, the top is ash, the apples are tasty

12 August 2014

Mr. Cloppity

A horse who has a lot to do

Lately I have been watching a lot of children's television programs, Boj is a great show, especially the input of Mr. Cloppity

11 August 2014

Egg Roller

Egg Roller

8 August 2014


6 August 2014

Lets Do Lunch


5 August 2014

Green Shirt

I worry that this shirt is too bright

1 August 2014

Future Horse of London

a robot dog hops about

24 July 2014

You are Already Dead

22 July 2014

This Bike

One that has bluetooth break leavers communicating to disk breaks. That has two rings in the front and four in the back, for 8 gears. The gears are changed with rollers built into the moustache handle bars and are also bluetooth. With a new different chain that can be used for security, somehow. A fold away retractable fender in the back that resembles a roman sun shade. A handsome speedometer, battery level and odometer built into the handle bars. A plastic seat that snow, ice and water can be brushed away, and energy return wheels so there will never be the experience of a flat tyre.

Pedals that hold feet to bike with magnets that can be used with normal shoes, special shoes or pull on shoe accessories. There are no quick releases, the skin is reflective and solar power collecting.

The bike can be able to be left outside for years in the weather and still be ok to ride once plant life is brushed off. It will never stop rolling due to escaped air and will a bother to steal.

17 July 2014

Hello! Salut!

16 July 2014
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